Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Review and Changes for 3rd Mechanic Document - Elemental Ammo

In this review, I created the mechanic "Elemental Ammo" for Borderlands 2. Review by Josh Campher.

As with most of my work, mis-spelling or corrections with grammar seem to be a problem, so here, Josh corrected me on some of them. Examples:

  • ...element will originate emanate around the ammo pack... 
  • The ammunition will look exactly the same as the ones used to reload weaponry,
  • ...use the pre-set created Existing code for the damage and effect of each element... 
The more in-depth information which i needed to change shown from Josh's review was to show certain elements of my mechanic off more and to explain them in greater detail. I definitely agreed with his comments as I personally think that they were right and they backed up my mechanic document more after adding the edits he said. These were:

  • I think that this is a very interesting Idea and would allow the player to choose which type of elemental effect they prefer and stick to it or even mix different elemental effects using the pre-set effects found on specific weapons and then using a different elemental ammo type. The only problem I can see for this mechanic is if the player gets confused by what ammo is equipped on each ammo, maybe on the HUD it could state which ammo type is being used as well as what pre-set elemental effect the weapon might have. - I edited this by not using the HUD as an idea as I do feel the Borderlands 2 HUD interface is complicated enough. I feel that by adding to this would make it worse. So instead, I used sound and particles and sound creation. Sound to emanate when the ammo is attached, showing the element. Also, when holding the gun, the particles will have a feel and colour to them to show what element is on the screen. So it is in the HUD, just not on the interface itself.
  • Do new ammo packs need to be modelled or are the textures the thing that would change - This was to represent the ammo itself when finding it in the environment so the artists could locate it easier. Instead of an image, I decided to say that there would be a texture which would be used to show the element of the ammo in the gun, and also the weapon type (shotgun, pistol etc)

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