Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Eyes and Nose Drawings

Started my face anatomy after using reference material on both guides and pages on the web. Starting from scratch really helps me understand anatomy and posture as a whole. Working at the face makes sense as it generally has the most detail coming from it. Eyes and noses were first, i'll now work onto the mouth, then ears, then a whole face bringing together my knowledge.

Next week, i'm going to start on body downwards. Startingwith the next, mainly to understnd the collar bone. The torso, arms, hands, legs and then finally feet.

In this part though, I g tto understand 2 main things about the 2 concepts.
The eyes I learnt that to make them have the more 3D effect, if I place a small shadow on the cornea near the eyelashes. Also the eyelashes differentiate in the angle they go at dependin on the angle of the character.

With the nose, I was able to udnerstnd more of the shading in the nose. I've drawn this actually on the image. But when creating the original shadow of the nose which will generally be there, indenting the shadow towards the inner of the nose, makes sense. Also in perspective, when drawing the nose from an angle, I always had a hard time drawing the outer part. I learnt a simple method to get over this.

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