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Adapa and the Food of Life Myth - Generation of Ideas

A generation of idea son how I could create some digital art based on this myth. My ideas are:

· The God of Wisdom, Ea, grants intelligence and knowledge to man during creation, even though she knows a being called Adapa is already wise themselves

· Adapa while fishing in a boat on the Persian Gulf is capsized due to a strong southern wind. Due to his anger, he breaks the "Wing of the Southern Wind" so the wind doesn't blow for 7 consecutive days. (Storyboard based picture)

· After being summoned by the Sky God, Anu for breaking the wing. Ea consults Adapa on the meeting with him telling him to not do things while in actual fact, she is deceiving him

· At the meeting, Adapa, Ea follows her advice and rejects the food of life which would grant him immortality as he believes it'll kill him. He goes to live as a mortal back on Earth

The Myth of Adapa ( Adapa and the Food of Life) Explanation

The Myth of Adapa (also known as Adapa and the Food of Life) is the Mesopotamian story of the Fall of Man in that it explains why human beings are mortal. The God of wisdom, Ea, creates the first man, Adapa, and endows him with great intelligence and wisdom but not with immortality, and when immortality is offered Adapa by the great god Anu, Ea tricks Adapa into refusing the gift.

Though it is not expressed directly in the myth, Ea's reasoning in this seems similar to Yahweh's in the Genesis story from the Bible where, after Adam and Eve are cursed for eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Yahweh casts them out before they can also eat of the Tree of Life:
“Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever; Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden”(Genesis 3:22-23)
If Adam and Eve were immortal they would be on par with Yahweh and there would be a loss of status for the god; and this is Ea’s same reasoning in the Adapa myth. In the Genesis myth, man takes knowledge for himself by eating of the tree; in the Mesopotamian myth, the god Ea grants man knowledge in the process of creation. Knowing that Adapa is already wise, Ea (like Yahweh in the later story from Genesis) needs to keep the man in his place.

Adapa was the king of the City of Eridu and, the myth tells us, went fishing one day in the Persian Gulf when the south wind suddenly capsized his boat and hurled him into the sea. Furious at this, Adapa broke the wing of the south wind and for seven days the wind could not blow. The sky god Anu is angered by this and sends for Adapa to explain himself. Adapa receives counsel from Ea on how he should behave in the court of the gods. As Ea is Adapa's father-god and creator, Adapa trusts him to tell him the truth. But Ea fears that Anu is apt to offer Adapa the food and drink of eternal life and Ea is intent on making sure that Adapa does not accept the offer.

First Ea tells him that he should flatter the guardians of the gates, Tammuz and Gishida (two dying and reviving deities) by making it known that he remembers them, that he knows who they are. If Adapa does this then the guardians will let him pass without difficulty and will speak favorably of him to Anu. Once Adapa is in the presence of Anu, Ea further tells him, he should refuse any food or drink offered because it will be the food of Death and the drink of death which will be offered as punishment for Adapa breaking the wing of the south wind. However, Ea says, Adapa may accept oil to anoint himself and accept whatever clothing is offered.

Adapa does exactly as Ea suggests, respectfully honoring Tammuz and Gishida and refusing the food and drink offered by Anu (though anointing himself and accepting a robe). Anu, puzzled that the man should refuse the food and drink of life and the gift of immortality, sends Adapa back to earth where he must live out his life as a mortal. The tale would seem to conclude with Anu punishing Ea for deceiving Adapa, but as the third tablet is fragmentary, it is difficult to say with certainty.

An alternative interpretation of the myth claims that Ea is sincerely acting in the best interests of Adapa when he warns him against accepting food or drink from Anu because Ea earnestly believes that Anu will punish Adapa with death for breaking the wing of the south wind. This interpretation claims that Ea’s punishment at the end of the poem is not for deceiving Adapa but for warning him against Anu’s plans. Nowhere in the poem, however, does it state that Anu planned to kill Adapa, only that he was upset that the south wind was not blowing (that life on earth was not functioning as it should) and wanted Adapa to explain himself.

Reference: J.Mark, J. (2011, February 23rd). The Myth of Adapa. Retrieved October 31st, 2012, from Ancient Encyclopedia History:


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Essay Project Plan

DD2000 Contemporary Design Essay Plan
Liam Roberts

      Essay Title:
      Sustainable Design's effect on the World's Graphics
      Essay Question:
       How is sustainable design and the principles behind it affecting graphics and products across the world?
     Why this question & essay:
  ·    Interested in how global warming is affecting all visual and computerized mediums.
·       To know what actions are being undertook to combat global warming through design.
 ·     To understand how different mediums are using the actions undertook to make their products less globally damaging.
 ·        Interest in Digital Mediums and how they affect and get effected by global warming.
 ·        Experience in Digital mediums including Video, Web Design and Graphic Design.
 ·        Broad spectrum of information that can be fleshed out for graphics over the internet and books
      Topic areas to research:
    In the Sustainable Design Area I will look at:
 ·         Sustainable Design, what is it
 ·         Principles behind the design theory
 ·         Mediums its effected and how
·       How does it differentiate from normal design principles
 ·        Advantages and Disadvantages
 ·         How it came about
·         Past, present and future of the concept
    In the Graphic Design Area I will look at:
·         What graphic design is
 ·        What it does

  •     Other mediums it effects
·        How graphic design is normally created
·         Effects on society. Good & Bad
·         Effect of sustainable design on Graphic Design
·         What sustainable design is doing to the medium, has done and will do.
Research Key Areas :

·         Sustainable Design's affect on Graphic Design
·         Sustainable Design's affect on Society
·         Sustainable Design's affect on Global Warming
·         Sustainable Design's affect on other mediums such as architecture and agriculture
·         Sustainable Design's advantages and disadvantages as a whole
Research Materials :
·        Books/ Magazines
·         Images
·         Internet

Week No'
Topic Title
31/10/2012 - 06/11/2012
- Essay Project Plan Hand in (printed)
- Gather research materials such as books, images and internet URLs
- Create a base draft for the essay
07/11/2012 - 13/11/2012
- Hand in for 1st Draft
- Develop the essay further after 1st draft
14/11/2012 - 20/11/2012
- Sustainable Design mediums and comparison to Normal Design on blog
- Sustainable Design in Graphic Design Research on blog
- Continue with essay draft (adding the more in-depth research)
21/11/2012 - 27/11/2012
- Graphic Design, what it affects on blog
- Graphic Design in Visual Mediums on blog
- Graphic Design & Sustainable Design Connection on blog
- Continue with essay draft (adding the more in-depth research)
28/11/2012 - 04/12/2012
- Hand in for 2nd Draft
- Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphic Design on blog
- Advantages and Disadvantages of Sustainable Design on blog
05/12/2012 - 11/12/2012
- Focus on Essay Plan utilising both the information needed in the drafts &
more in-depth research created.
12/12/2012 - 14/12/2012
- Final Hand in of Essay Project Plan

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Final Plinth Model

Im incredibly pleased with the outcome of this model. Using quite an intricate design which I used from scratch, I developed a personal 3D model which has my own touch through the textures. The wood also works well and gives it an old feel..

Three problems occurred and that's with certain polys and textures:
1 - 1 face seems to be cut in half even though i didn't do that. Check with Ken
2 - The tube doesn't seem to be textured the way I did. Not to bothered as its hardly see able.
3 - On the extruded in face, the 2 up and down polys seem to be badly textured. Again ask Ken to see what to do with this and the rest of them.

Overall though , im very happy with the final product of this and if I put some more time into it, I could of made it even better I think.

Plinth Modelling

Here is the base model for the Plinth and the UVW unwrap before texturing in photoshop.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

LFD Level images

To be labeled and described in level document
(not in order)

Percentages for Route Changers/ Horde Bringers & Item Random Re spawn

When taking into account the percentage of how these aspects are brought to the game. There are 2 main areas which need to be evaluated. Mainly done in the programming but as this is a mechanic, I need to show this to demonstrate how it works

So they are:

  • Survivors Health
  • Time 
  • Campaign Difficulty
These aspects will split into different categories on the document. I will perceive these aspects through percentages. This changes the game all the time as we don't want to make this too easy for players in the end. 
The percentages split up into:
  • Normal (Player's health in green & completing in sufficient time
  • Players in Orange Health
  • Players in Red Health
  • Players completing zone quicker then should be
  • Players completing the zone slower then they should be
  • Difficulty is Easy or Normal
  • Difficulty is Hard
  • Difficulty is Expert
In addition, all special infected can climb on walls in both AI and player mode.......

Final Final Sketch Up Model with inserted items

Finally completed full Sketch up model. From here I will take labelled screenshots which I will then bring together to make a full document showing the game in its process. I will show in the document

  • The level progression. The route(s).
  • Where individual items are
  • Start and Finish of the game
  • Alternate places player can visit
  • L4D specific: Random spawning of all the items. By taking in the health of the player, speed of player's progression & difficulty the player set, I will show the percentage of certain items spawning in situations
  • L4D specific: Horde Moments. Throughout the game there will be hordes. Either set off by the player on consciously or subconsciously. Impeding the survivors if need to
  • L4D specific|: Route changers in game. Through colour co-ordination. Small and Big
  • Emotion of the players at the time. Logical decisions. 
Colour Key: (I tired to make a colour per item/ environment/ thing)

  • Brick Brown Houses: Enter able Houses
  • Black Blocks: Non-Enter able Houses
  • Blue / Dark Blue Houses: Route changing environment objects
  • Grey Blocks: Cars (player has to walk around)
  • Light Green: Walk able grass patch
  • Dark Green: Non-walk able grass patch
  • Orange: Blockades of some sort, blocking the path either completely from that part of level or to take a different route.
Blockades differentiate from route changers as the route changers are all ways to get one place, as the blockade will generally make it so the player has one or maybe 2 ways to go round this.

  • Large Gold Blocks : Tier 1- Tier 2 Weapons
  • Small Gold Blocks : Secondary Pistols
  • LightPink Blocks: Melee Weapons
  • Red/ Dark Red : Med-Boxes/ Med-Kits/ De-fibs
  • Dark Pink : Adrenaline & Pain Pills
  • Light Green : Grenades
  • Purple : Ammo load
  • Light Blue Platform: Random Re Spawn Mechanic 
Due to it being first level, no ammo effecting boxes or explosive items will be in it. 

Final Timetable Draft

Information from previous draft that needed editing has been added....

Mesopotamian Myth - Amaru Flood Ideas

From ther previous post about the Amaru Flood, i've developed some ideas which I could use to develop a piece of digital art on it

These are:
  • The scene with Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh visits Utnapishtim, the immortal being that survived the Flood (this being the reason he is).
  • In a Council of Gods "meeting", they decide together that they need to destroy all humans for their selfish reasons, and set out to kill through various attempts. The Seven Day flood being the last.
  • Utnapishtim, receives information froma  god about the flood. Him building the ship, taking his family on board and taking animals in.
  • Surviving the flood and the storm together with the animals. With the door closed so the water cant get in, he sends out birds to find out if the flood has ended.
  • Utnapishtim and his wife becomes immortal like the gods. After an offering to the gods

Mesopotomian Myths - The Flood Amaru

Gilgamesh, having lost his close friend, Enkidu, turns his desire to immortality. He does not want to experience the dark, mindless existence of sheol (the netherworld, the Greek Hades). He knows of a man who has become god-like and immortal, who survived the great flood. Gilgamesh journeys to meet Utnapishtim and learn from him the secret of immortality.

Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh the story of the flood. He wants Gilgamesh to know that his immortality was something granted by the gods and is not achievable by Gilgamesh.

In the council of the gods, it was decided to destroy humankind and all living creatures on earth. It was in Enlil’s heart to do this. Enlil was one of the chief gods of Sumeria.

Ea, another powerful god also known as Enki in Sumerian, wanted to save his beloved Utnapishtim. He did not wish to rebel against Enlil, so he whispered to the walls of the hut in which Utnapishtim was sleeping a warning about the flood and instructions to build a giant structure to float in the deluge (the dimensions are much larger in the Mesopotamian account).

Utnapishtim built the huge vessel, animals came to him, and he received warning from one of the gods when the time was right to enter the vessel and ride out the flood.

The storm god Adad unleashed a great storm on the earth and was aided by Irragal, Ninurta, and Anunnaki in causing the waters to flood in a wrathful deluge that ended all life. Other gods, such as the goddess Istar, were terrified and fled to the highest heaven to escape this killing flood.

The rain came six days and nights and abated on the seventh day. The flood receded six days and nights. The great vessel became lodged on Mt. Nitzir. On the seventh day, Utnapishtim sent out a dove to see if there was dry land. The dove returned. He then sent a swallow and it returned. Finally he sent out a raven, which did not return and he knew there was enough dry land to exit the vessel.

Utnapishtim made an offering to the gods. They came hungrily like flies and swarmed around his offering. A dispute broke out. Enlil sensed that is was Ea who caused the saved people and animal to live. Ea argued for Utnapishtim’s life and Enlil touched the hero’s forehead and said, “Hitherto Utnapishtim was a man, but now Utnapishtim and his wife shall be like us, the gods.”

Information Reference:
Leman, D. (2009, October 19th). The Noah Story and Mesopotamian Myth, Pt 1. Retrieved from Messianic Jewish Musings :


Mesopotamian Myth - Gilgamesh Ideas

From the information given in the last blog post about THE GILGAMESH MYTH, I took out certain information which I think I could use in my final pieces.

They are:
  • Gilgamesh's rage over the city. In the image showing his rage to his existance and "make-up" and causing disaster throughout the city

  • Wrestling Match of Gilgamesh & Enkidu. After hearing of his behaviour, Enkidu challenges and fights Gilgamesh in a wrestling match. Enkidu loses the match and befriends Gilgamesh (mush to the resent of the gods)

  • Gilgamesh wants fame. So, along with Enkidu, they challenge and fight a beast together named Humbaba. After alerting Humbaba when cutting down a tree, he challenges them and eventually loses as he is beheaded.

  • The rage of Love Goddess, Ishtar. After being shunned by6 Gilgamesh, she sends The Bull of Heaven to kill Giulgamesh. Along with Enkidu, the bull is killed after a joint attack.

  • Gilgamesh wants immortality. After Enkidu's death due to the bull incident, he searches for immortaltiy by travelling the land and becoming a hunter. He fails at one attempt after meeting a man called Utnapishtim.

Mesopotamian Myth - Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, is born of a mortal father and an immortal mother (a goddess). During the course of the story, Gilgamesh is forced to face his own mortality, knowing that it was his mother's chance affair that caused him to miss his claim to eternal life. That thought plagues him all during his life, making him a poor ruler.

A Harsh King

Embittered and angry that he was mortal, Gilgamesh sleeps with every woman he can seduce and takes children away from their families. His subjects soon grow to hate and fear him. Finally the people plead with the gods for help, and the gods respond by having the goddess Aruru create a man, Enkidu, who will be an almost equal match for Gilgamesh.

Enkidu is a wild man, covered with shaggy hair, and as wild as the wilderness in which he was raised. He eats grass with the gazelles and drinks with the animals at the watering hole.

At one point, a trapper discovers that Enkidu is freeing all the animals from his traps. He asks his father what he should do. His father advises him to go to Uruk, find King Gilgamesh, and tell him of the wild man. His father then tells his son how he should go about enticing Enkidu to go into the city, where the wild man will meet Gilgamesh.

He tells his son to hire a temple harlot to come with him to the wilderness where she can seduce Enkidu. That will make the animals reject Enkidu and he'll be forced to go to the city.

Enkidu Wrestles Gilgamesh

The harlot does seduce Enkidu, and like the trapper's father had said, the animals reject Enkidu. The harlot then teaches Enkidu how to live in civilization. Things like wearing clothing, eating bread, and drinking wine. Then she tells him about the strength of Gilgamesh, knowing that Enkidu will want to challenge Gilgamesh.

Enkidu hears about how Gilgamesh is a blatant womanizer, sleeping with all the women of Uruk and decides to challenge Gilgamesh, conquer him, and force him to behave properly. Gilgamesh accepts Enkidu's challenge. They struggle together, wrestling as near equals, but finally Gilgamesh defeats Enkidu.

Instead of being angry for being beaten, and much to the dismay of the gods, Enkidu develops great respect for Gilgamesh. They embrace and become best friends. They are opposites, but provide a sense of balance for each other.

Slaying of Humbaba

Gilgamesh longs for fame and decides that one way to gain it is to go into the cedar forest and slay its guardian, a monster named Humbaba. Now Enkidu knows Humbaba personally from when he lived in the wilderness, and he fears the monster. But Gilgamesh is insistant, so the two men prepare for their adventure.

As soon as Enkidu touches the ceder forest gate, his hand becomes paralyzed, but Gilgamesh helps him and they continue on. Despite having nightmares about it, they cut down a cedar tree. Of course, when Humbaba hears that they've cut down the tree, he challenges them. They fight, but Gilgamesh and Enkidu win the battle and cut off Humbaba's head.

Bull of Heaven (Drought)

Gilgamesh then bathes and puts on clean clothes and his crown. He is so handsome that he catches the eye of Ishtar, the goddess of love, who wants desperately to marry him. Gilgamesh spurns her, pointing out how she had ruined the lives of her previous husbands.

This episode might have been the beginning of the saying about "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Ishtar goes to her father, Anu, demanding that he send the Bull of Heaven (a drought) to punish Gilgamesh. She is so adamant that she threatens to smash down the gates to the god's underworld if her father doesn't do as she asks.

Anu does send the Bull of Heaven, but Enkidu manages to grab it by the horns while Gilgamesh kills it.

Enkidu Dies

The gods are angry and hold a council to determine who should die for killing the Bull of Heaven. Should it be Gilgamesh or Enkidu? But Gilgamesh discovers their plot in a dream, but can do nothing to alter their plan. They decide that since Gilgamesh is part divine, while Enkidu is part animal, that Enkidu should die.

Enkidu curses the harlot who led him to civilization and to death, but he then blesses her for the joy of his friendship with Gilgamesh. Soon he gets sick and dies.

Distraught with grief, Gilgamesh keeps the body of his friend for a full week, until the body crawls with worms. After burying Enkidu, Gilgamesh leaves Uruk to live in the wilderness as a hunter, and dresses in animal skins. While in the wilderness, faced with the recent death of his friend, Gilgamesh contemplates his own mortality.

Gilgamesh Seeks Utnapishtim

Not wanting to die, Gilgamesh decides to seek out a man by the name of Utnapishtim, who is the only human being (who is not partly a god) who had ever been granted eternal life by the gods. Gilgamesh hopes to learn the secret of how he too can avoid death.

Eventually, Gilgamesh's quest takes him to the entrance into the land of the gods. The god-world is under a mountain, guarded by a man-scorpion and his mate. Gilgamesh gains entrance to the mountain and has to travel in the darkness until he arrives at the jeweled garden of the gods.

In the land of the gods, Gilgamesh meets Siduri, a divine wine-maker. She gives him shelter and advises him to accept his human side and to enjoy life while he's alive. But he insists he has to find Utnapishtim, so Siduri tells him about Urshanabi, a boatman who can ferry him across the Sea of Death to the island where Utnapishtim lives alone with his wife.

Urshanabi agrees to take Gilgamesh to the island. Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh his story of how he and his family became immortal after surviving a great, global Flood (the details of which are remarkably similar to the Noah story in the Bible). Utnapishtim says he cannot help Gilgamesh because the Flood was a one-time event and one which the gods had assured him would never occur again.

Gilgamesh falls into a deep sleep and sleeps for seven days. When he awakens, Utnapishtim asks him how he can expect to live forever when he can't even stay awake for seven days.

However, Utnapishtim's wife takes pity on Gilgamesh and pleads with her husband to share the knowledge of a sacred plant that will make Gilgamesh young again, though not immortal. Gilgamesh dives into the sea to retrieve the plant. Unfortunately, while Gilgamesh was later bathing, a snake shows up and steals the sacred plant.

Gilgamesh Returns to Uruk

After losing his last chance at immortality, Gilgamesh returns to Uruk with the boatman, Urshanabi, and points to the mighty walls of the city. Gilgamesh confesses that the walls are the proper legacy of a human being, not the search for eternal life.

In the final segment of the story, Gilgamesh dies and all the people of Uruk mourn is death.

Information Reference:

Crowley, R. (2012). Gilgamesh Epic. Retrieved from


Project Timeline Draft 1

Change of colour for research to read better.
Change the Ethnicity Tutorial from next to further into the project.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Base Model for L4D2 Level Design

Base Model before Colour Coded Information is inserted into the model. With this, tomorrow I can plan where spawns, events, player emotion and random chance spawning of certain things may occur.

I'll have to make this fair though and plan it so that it isnt too hard as this will be the first level of my campaign

Also, Need to think of a name for my campaign...........

Progress so far.......

This is my progress into the image as I have got right now. I've finished the city which is half complete and im now going to start editing whats on the road to the final part of the the level which will be a farm house.

The brown houses show what houses can be entered and looked around the black boxes will be houses which are blocked off. Im happy up to now but im going to have to make some sort of key which shows what elements are which and only use specific colours to represent certain information.

Enjoying this though and I do think I will have most of this done soon. The walk-through will also be a tad complicated due to the complexity of hordes, spawning etc.  That will have to be shown through colour co-ordination. Has to be there as well due to the very prominent mechanic in Left 4 Dead 2.

Sustainable Graphic Design Books

Some Sustainable Graphic Design Websites...

Sustainable Graphic Design

Sustainable graphic design is the application of sustainability  principles to graphic design. It considers the environmental impacts of graphic design products (such as packaging, printed materials, publications, etc.) throughout a life cycle that includes: raw material; transformation; manufacturing; transportation; use; and disposal.
Graphic designers engaged in sustainable practice use techniques, processes, and materials that will help reduce the detrimental environmental, social, and economic impact of their designs, also known as the Triple Bottom Line.
When subjecting a design to a sustainability audit, a designer might consider:
  • reducing the amount of materials required for production
  • using paper and materials made with recycled, post-consumer waste
  • printing with low-VOC inks
  • what production methods require the least amount of transport
  • which vendors use renewable energy
  • if the product can fulfill more than one purpose
  • if the end-product is biodegradable or recyclable
  • if the end-product can be replaced by a digital, rather than printed, format
  • just-in-time production to reduce number of units produced and warehoused
  • which vendors sell products certified by third party NGOs

N/A. (2012, January 11th). Sustainable Graphic Design. Retrieved from Wikipedia:

Topic Areas to look at:

Sustainable Design
  • Sustainable Design, what is it
  • Principles behind the Design Theory
  • What mediums its already affected and how
  • How does it differentiate from normally design 
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • How it came about
  • The past, present and future of sustainable design
Graphic Design
  • What graphic design is
  • What it does 
  • Other mediums it effects
  • How graphic design is normally created
  • What effects it has. Good and bad.
  • Sustainable Design in Graphic Design
  • What sustainable design will do, has done and is doing.
Compiling these subjects together, im hoping to look at this from a broad aspect and look at them individually and certain key areas in sustainable design and graphic design. Then mix the 2 and see how graphic design is going to be affected bu sustainable design. Advantages and disadvantages and whats going to and has happened already.

Question: What it's going to be...

Essay Title: Sustainable Design in Graphics

Essay Question: How is sustainable design affecting graphics? How does its principles affect graphic design? What are the benefits? What re the disadvantages? What's happened in the past, present & future? What other mediums does i affect such as architecture?

Reasons: Through some light research topics I was looking at before, I was looking at the effects global warming is having on all forms of media and design as it interested me. Coming across Sustainable Design.

Sustainable Design in basic measures takes into account how when designing the product it'll effect he environment and is there any other way which effects the environment less which gets the same or similar result.

From this I wanted to see what mediums its already effecting. How it is? Why it is? It was broad from Agriculture and Gardens to Architecture. As I wanted to do something in my essay more related to an area i have some experience in so I can understand the usual process behind, I was looking at more computerized mediums. Obviously, digital information wouldn't really get affected by this. As games was also out of the question, I looked back towards my college routes and as I did a graphics based course, I thought Graphic Design might by the course to take.

With an experience in the field and something I think that can be broadly researched into and create a formidable essay, I think looking a these 2 elements together will make an informative essay

Final Cottage Renders

These are the final images of my olden styled cottage. Unfortunately, due to mainly one texture, it doesn't look much like a stylized cottage. Instead more modern.
Even though it doesn't follow the theme, I do think I textured this pretty well and model it decently. With further development in both of these areas, I do think I could get better in overall digital modelling