Monday, 12 November 2012

Feedback for Mechanic Document -WEXP

Most of the feedback on this Mechanic Document was spelling and a mistakes with me saying the wrong thing when it means one thing. Examples:

  • so that if 2 people of the same class were together in a game, they'd still have different attributes and skills which differentiated (said different twice)
  • player will get exp (WEXP?) given to the weapon they're using each time they get a kill with it. After the players has gathered a lot of (enough) exp with a weapon and reached a certain milestone ( list the milestones, what point boundaries?) with it, players can use the exp (WEXP?)
The parts that are mostly highlighted in yellow, are the parts that needed editing due to me either saying something incorrectly (WEXP instead of EXP) or ive done a lot of mis-spelling and that needed editing.

The main criteria that needed changing throughout the document was explaining myself in more detail and making it clear about certain parts to know what im talking about more clearly. Examples here:

  • Here the programmer would need to create a counting system for the amount of WEXP the players are earning. (Similar to the badass system which is already in place? Which means not much extra work would have to be done?)
  • Using already created particles for this, there would need to be a particle design implemented so players could see when they earn WEXP with their weapon and get a rank up. (do you mean that the particle already exists for the badass system or something? If so, link it by name). If not, specify how it will look.
Overall, the main adjustments as there was a few, was to explain a lot more

about certain details in my document. After adjusting it, keeping it concise and

creating a firmer and more understandable document, im pretty happy with the

overall outcome of it at the end.

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