Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Idea Development for Board Game

After out first proper talk in class to what the concept and then developed idea should be, we decided as a group to use the Space Jump Record as our concept.

We decided this as there is so much we can do with it and then started brainstorming ideas at a basic level to see what we could generate.

Thinking inside and outside the box,  we wanted to generate an idea unique to the rest of the other teams who had also decided to use the Space Jump.

Thinking about movement such as either using a dice roll, using questions, using a spinner etc.

Whats the main gameplay element in the game and whats the final victory outcome?

Friday, 25 January 2013


After searching online for a site that had a multitude of tutorials, after advice from my tutor, I decided that it'd be good to join 3DMotive. Its especially good for the type of modelling were doing now and im overall happy with the purchase of making the account.

I should be following tutorials to help with 2 lessons so I can do better quality of work withboth XB2001 AND XB2002 which helps UDK and 3D Max.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Start of Board Game Project

Our next project has been given to us and were to decide between us as a group to design a board game based on either the; Queen's Jubilee, 2012 Olympics, 2012 World Record Space Jump or Gangdam Style.

My Group members consisted of myself, Sean Barron, Beckie Heaton & Robert Whitehurst. All together, we generated ideas for all the concepts and see which we all like the best and then develop it further.

Ideas for Non Digital Game

Space Jump:
• Objective is to get to the Earth the quickest from space. A linear straight down board where the players have to get from the top of the board to the bottom of the board. The quickest character to do so, wins the game. Along the way, there will be small diversions in the path of the character which can obstruct him. Also opponents can use items to gain advantages and hinder the progress of others.
Also, there are maybe collectibles which the character has to get along the way or answer certain questions to actually progress through the game. (maybe questions about 2012's events).
A small idea for cards and things. Maybe there are birds in the way at some moments, knocking you back a place. Place balloons on enemies which make them inflate up the air a bit. Accidently fall in a hot air balloon. Certain cards can maybe only be played at certain heights.

Olympics (I was actually thinking because he did say non digital board game that we do the same type of game that Pictionary and charades bring. So players are moving on their feet. Of some sort anyway, of course we'll have to think of space but I thought it'd be fun to think about)
• Objective of this idea is to get around the London the quickest. Participating in events in which the player will have to go through a certain obstacle in a certain form to pass it. This is more of a team game so it'll have to be 4+. In running, a player needs to answer a certain amount of questions in a certain time limit right and the one with the highest amount after a time limit wins the game etc
Players can choose which type of event they'll go for first and when landing on an event such as running, they challenge the other teams to the event and teams are placed in Gold, Silver, Bronze and No Medal.
Each worth different points, the team with the highest point amount at the end of the game wins. Each event will create a new type of task which will be varied between quick-fire questions, general knowledge, drawing challenges, just relating to the sport in some form of way is the way I was thinking.
There'll be about 20-25 challenges the teams can do but it's up to the players on how many challenges they want to play, shortening and lengthening the time they want to play it. The player who lands n the event gets the advantage on the area as they can choose specific genres and tasks they do in that event, giving more reasoning for players to go out and search for events as sometimes players will want to play an event that's suits their knowledge and skill base better so they can win the event and get a gold.

2012 Jubilee

• The player's objective is to gain all the jewels to fill their own Royal Crown. The Jewels will be earned by landing on jewel colours throughout the board, you gain jewels by completing challenges that the colour jewel is known for. So Red maybe general knowledge of the Queens history etc. When players have got all jewels, they must get to the Buckingham Palace and complete a final task in which they will win the game

Gangdam Style

• Thinking more card game when it came to this area. Maybe different parts of the dance moves are different cards and then moves mean more in some form then others. When gaining the card, players must do something related to that specific dance move,. We could make it so the player has to act that dance move or have it somehow related to top trumps where the different dance moves have higher values then others. I think when it comes to Gangdam style, it'd be hard to relate it to a board game as it centralizes around the dancing. A card game where the dance moves are particularly important is the idea I created when thinking of ideas.

Here the concepts i personally developed which we could use for the next week discussion. I personally like the Olympics idea but i'm looking forward to what my team-mates are thinking. We defnitely need some more thought as it's going a bit slow right now.....

Leg and Feet Anatomy

Concentrating on the lower part in my anatomy drawings, I wanted to find an easier and quicker way to draw both the legs and feet. Looking into the muscles of the legs, I found a relatively easier way to draw draw legs using simple shapes.

When it came to the feet, perspective is what always looks terrible. By looking at a simple way of blocking in the feet,  I can then go into more depth and create a more realistic foot. I now also see how the toes work at the end of the feet and how the heel works with the rest of the foot.

Overall happy that i've  now finished with anatomical studies, as I think I can now develop better pieces for my final product in the project aned any future pieces I draw out

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Anatomy - Torso Studies

As big as the torso is, muscle depth was so important to understand get right. So I looked into how I could do this as a whole. Look at the how the different muscles interact with each other and what kind of effect is created.

Happy with this and I think in further pieces of art, I'll be able to understand this specific part better and as a side effect, cfinish this part quicker.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Final Group Ideas for New Game of War

  • Joker is highest card in the game

  • Joker makes all people playing in the game shuffle their cards

  • When winning a round, you place all the cards earned into a pile. The objective at the end is for a player to have the most cards in his/her seperate pile. This person wins the game

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stock Imagery

Found 2 new deviant artists who have an array of stock images to use for my art work creation

My ideas (to be developed with group) of rule changes to War

  • Placing the Joker cards into the deck and using them as the highest card in the game.
  • If player has won 5 cards in a row, then the other player has an advantage +1 given to him for the next round until win.
  • If a player gets the Joker card, they win the round but all players must shuffle their cards. 
  • In "War" Scenarios, player must place 4 cards along with their already placed matching card, and the one with the most highest advantages wins (first to 3) Gaining 10 cards the winner.

Rules of the Card Game: War

There are 3 different levels of rules to every general game and as a group we needed to deconstruct the game, War. War in current day is prominently known as Top Trumps. While in Top Trumps, the player with the highest card after an unfold is the winner of the round and then the winner of the game is the person who gets all the card in the deck first.

Operational Rules

  • The Winner of the game is the first player to reach the end of the game with all cards from the deck in their hand.
  • The cards are spread out evenly in a direction decided by all players
  • Players must play a card each round
  • The player with highest card ascending from the number 2 card to the A card wins the round. Takes both the cards and put them on to the bottom his/her stack.
  • If players have the same number on their card, this initiates a war scenario. At this stage, players must reveal their next card and the one with the highest card wins the round. This rule continues on even if the next cards are again the same.
  • (OPTIONAL Operational Rule) Players can in some games after having only one card left, place this card over. He uses this card until the opposing player gets higher then it. If the opponent keeps getting lower, them cards are given to the player. If not, then the opponent wins the game
Constitutive Rules
  • The Ace is the highest card and beats any other card in the game
  • From Ace, it descends downwards to the lowest card of the game, 2. 
  • In War, the 2 cards are placed in a pile in the middle until the player with the highest card wins.
Implicit Rules
  • No stealing cards from the other players deck
  • Using another card in your deck that's not the top card and placing that card instead of the top one.
  • Look at your cards.
  • Knock other players cards out of hands, shuffling them up.
  • Taking an elongated amount of time on the card placement

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Game Idea Summary LDD

Level Design (UDK)

Game Title:
Players: 1-4
Genre: Racing
Theme: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Description: The game is an action packed futuristic kart based racing game. Racing against 3 opponents, players must reach the end of the game first to win the race, battling opponents along the way, using two different components. There will first be items boxes scattered around the track in which players can use to attack, defend and boost against opponents. The other factor is the environment. By going over certain elements in the track, players can activate environmental hazards which can distract and be used against opponents in the race. There are some hazards which automatically happen so there are some players can’t control.
Level Design:

Black and White Checker Board = Start and Finish of Race
Green Boxes = Item Pick-Up Boxes
Orange Circles = Non Interactive Environmental Hazards
Red Objects = Interactive Environmental Hazards

There are 5 Zones in the race course which will have an identifying feature when going through. This makes the course recognizable and for a player, can find out how far or close they are to the finish. There’ll also be hazards specific to that part for the environment so the player will need to watch out for the environment suddenly working against them.  Each individual zone will be a checkpoint and if eliminated by the checkpoint, the vehicle will be taken back to the last checkpoint they passed. Some of the hazards will only appear once, some will reappear after a certain time and some will be usable multiple times to use against opponents to win the race. 

UDK Environmental Design Research

I wanted to look at sci-fi and futuristic environments for this game as its an area i've not really done before during my time in Futureworks. I need to make sure the race track isn't covered unless as a straight as I want people to be able see what they need to avoid and have time to do so. Due to the perspective of the camera angle, this i needed in my opinion.

I'm going to need to design 5 landmark type items in a futuristic style which will be the main modelling ill be doing along the car. The rest of the track environment will be small futuristic elements and the items which people need to be aware off to avoid.

Reference Material for Kart Design of UDK Racing Game

The vehicle design i've tried to keep to a minimal as I don't think my modelling is up to scratch but due to the fact that this unit is in coalition with Digital Modelling, I think extensively pushing my skills is appropriate. For the other AI opponents after colour has been chosen will be designed basically in the same form but with a different texture sheet through colour and emblem.

These are the examples of karts i'm thinking of designing, and will try to use these in my futuristic theme to create a well modeled and textured car to use for both units in my UDK racing game.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Final Ideas For Mesopotamian Myth Art Work

The Creation:

- As its based around the creation of humans, I wanted to develop the art piece around that. In the story, the humans are created by clay from the god Enki. So in the picture im hoping to create the character Enki, in an artist room modelling humans from clay. Things to do:
  • Enki Character Design
  • Design of human from clay
  • Inside Environment with religious theme
  • Magical occurances to represent the god creating life itself
ET: 2 Weeks

Ishtar and the Descendant into the Underworld:

- The God Ishtar, leaves to go to the Underworld and demands to be let in. There are 7 gates in which she must pass. Each time losing a piece of clothing. In this picture, I want to show this. So at each gate a piece of her clothing will be lost and then at the end, she is enraged and lunges for the Goddess of the Underworld. Things to do:
  • Character Design for Ishtar
  • Character Design for Erishkegal (Goddess of Underworld)
  • Environment art for Underworld Gates
  • Individual clothing elements
ET: 2 Weeks

Adapa and the Food of Life:

- After Adapa (the first mortal with wisdom) has been chucked over board from winds he thought caused by the god he breaks a wing which controls the air and wind itself. The God Anu is enraged and sends for Adapa. Adapa stands in courst against Anu and other gods.I was contemplating on making this like a court scene. Things to do:
  • Character Design for Adapa
  • Chracter Design for Anu
  • Environmental art for the court scene
  • Clouds theme
ET: 2 Weeks

Amaru Flood:

- In the Amaru Flood, Utnapishtim was told by a god that the flood was occurring. Similar to the Noah's Ark Story from the bible, he built a boat for him and his family to survive the flood along with animals. At the end of the story, the gods granted him and his family immortalism. In the art, I hope to show when Utnapishtim sent out birds to know when the flood had ended and he could land. Things to do:
  • Character Design for Utnapishtim
  • Character Designs for his family
  • Animal Designs
  • Boat Design and Flood Scene
ET: 3 Weeks


- In the story of Gilgamesh, he was a king and he was very tyranical against his people. A man created by the gods called Enkidu was meant to challenge and destroy his tyrnaical reign. When they did fight, Enkidu loses and they become best friends. When going into the jungle, they here of a beast called Humbaba. They fight him and cut off his head. This will be the art piece.
  • Character Design of Gilgamesh
  • Character Design of Enkidu
  • Design of the beast, Humbaba
  • Holding the head of the beast after being beheaded
ET: 2 Weeks