Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Completed Sketching of Mouth/ Ears and Hair

Happy with everything. Including the eyes and the noses sketches i've already posted, i'm defnitely learning more about facial anatomy as a whole. Overall shading is something im seeing more easily and can bring it together a lot quicker.

The ears sketches especially. I'll be using these a lot for reference material as i've took them from different perspectives. Obviously depends on the pose, but I can see where detail lies now and simplify or over-exaggerate depending on the drawing intended.

When it comes to hair, I already had a pre-set technique developed which works for my style well as I can develop it further, pretty easily.

For mouths, I think it really depends on the colouring technique intended for complexity, but shape and how to draw them quicker I learn tfrom drawing mouths over and over again

Overall, happy that I did this and I tihnk facial anatomy might be easier for me to understand from now on.

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