Friday, 16 November 2012

Normal Mapping

Following the tutorial given to us by Ken for Normal Mapping, the three images above show the scene I created and the final outcome. The process wasnt too complicated but can be fussy when coming to the settings of the projection modifier. It generally works on the ouput, but can become "tangled" and ruin the projected image on the plane.

Trying to repeat the process in my own method was tricky and remembering some of the minor details, took a while. Mainly do with the lighting.
The roiginal outcome was that of the above image and was what I wanted to create in the end of the process. The second image didn't really come out as well. Certain elements did but some didnt such as the screws. I do think its because there was too much depth to the boolean I created with the shape. Some parts didnt work out as well either. Overall though ,I get the concept and I do think I could repeat the process, i just need to refine the original high poly version of the model.

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