Friday, 29 March 2013

Realisticly Coloured Character

After trying the realistic method in designing a dog, I decided i'd try a person and attempt  the bane of my life in rendering, human skin. This is my best piece to date doing this kind of rendering of humans and I think I did it effectively. The skin is overall my favourite part and I think being able to do this,  was a sign that im learning, a sign i am actually getting better.

The colours in the piece are basically ugly. They are not good on the eye at all and maybe thats because of the rendering style I undertook. The yellow feels and looks dirty and eventhough working with the character in some form, it doesnt work to the audiences eye as well.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Realistic Rendering - Rory (My Dog)

First realistic render i tried. Really really happy with this. Using the picture of my dog as reference, I personally tihnk I created a good portrait of him in the picture and compliments him really well. Taking into account lighting, his fur and skin blends well of each other.

A negative area of this would probably be the mouth area. The mouth seems to lack colour. In my defense, it was so it didnt contract too much but maybe I didnt put enough detail into this area.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ishtar and the descendant to the underworld

Overall with this piece, i'm happy and I think there's certain aspects that work really well and make the piece effective. I think the colours blend well together and the actual colours suit the theme of the image. Also the background of the whole image is really nicely rendered and I think it works nicely around my theme.

What I don't like is how some of my rendering doesnt suit its place on the image and really doesnt look nice. I think I can get away with it but the whole image might of looked nicer if I took a little bit more time with this.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

First Piece Final

First final piece started and showing the development of the piece from original sketch.

As this was the first piece, I concentrated on this one quite heavily and had the idea set in my mind right from the get-go.

Constructively, in a positive way, the piece actually has good colour and the fire effect glowing around the room actually works and bounces off quite well and how I developed that in a semi-realistic form, im quite impressed with.

The thing i'm mainly disappointed by is the perspective of the image seems to be distorted.and the floors doesnt work in flow with the character. Rather disappointed in that apsect but I think its something I can blend better with good colouring.

Overall, happy with the end result of this piece and hope to have others have similar results.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Assignment - Job Research, Analysis and Presentation

Final Outcome:
 - Create a presentation to show what I need to do to get a certain job tole in the games industry

Do this by:
  - Research Game Companies
  - Research Designers, Artists, Developers etc
      - Analyse and Evaluate
      - Portfolios and Work
      - Job Descriptions
   - Job Role I want to do and how im going to get there.

Company Examples:
  - Tecmo Koei
  - Valve
  - Riot Games
  - Square Enix
  - Crytek

Job Role Examples:
  - Gameplay Designer
  - Character Designer
  - Concept Artist
  - Level Designer

Elements complete, ready for hand in.

Finally completed the Rule Book and it contains all the elements our team has discussed.

After creating multiple drafts of the book with different border designs, I developed the final rule book ready for hand in. 7 pages showing all the content needed to follow the game.

This is the Border design for the game's rule book.

When it comes to each element of the project, including the team mates, I was generally happy throughout. I loved creating the concept and development work for the project and it's been interesting to work with different people and create quite an abstract concept. Using the Space Jump to actually create a 3D pieced board game which uses the guinness book of records, which is full of interesting facts to create a variety of questions.

Using all of our initiatives, we came up with a focused knowledge game which uses 3D tools and a  board to create an interactive 3D non-digital board game. There were some flaws to the project as we had a bit of laziness on some team members behalf and had some moments when it was hard to do because none of us would take the initiative and convey our feelings. But, after a few weeks, that changed, and nearly all of use became a team to create an effective board game for the space jump. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Research Post

I'd prefer it if when marking this from the tutors, that my research be the main aspect. As much as I want my final pieces to be important, the main thing I was always focusing on during the work. Learning different styles, techniques and artists was my focus of the whole project and then the final pieces were just to evidence some of the anatomical skills i had learnt and what colouring techniques i've learnt and prefer.

Yeah, my book is the main aspect so i'll be paying more attention to that in the final products I think and will be defnitely arting it up more.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hope for Change much as I love art and especially developing characters, i've lost my zest for actaully creating concept art now. I'm finding it tedious and really not that interesting as much.

I still find it useful that i've learnt all this anatomcial stuff and that my research has helped me understand the major differences between realistically styled and semi-realistically styled art.

Yeh, overall just losing interest and im hoping it doesnt take a toll on my work coz it might do. I think its the colouring element im not enjoying.

Also, im still glad i took this as I now what I want to do for my honours project and where I want to take that. So im looking forward to doing that.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Next Discussion

Getting to the final few weeks, we really needed to start summing everything up and piece things together to make fully functioning board game based on the Space Jump.

Deciding on some final rules for the game, we developed ideas which we had previously talked about and  brought them together to make the game work as a whole.

Some Final Rules:

-The questions will just be multiple question but on some of the cards, players will have to follow either a punishment or reward which changes the game throughout. Answering questions sometimes can end with a small penalty.

-The tower is 12 blocks down and players must work through the tower before reaching the board. When hitting the board, they follow the same rules as on the tower and advance first to the space station.

-Players gain abilities after they have answered questions consecutively. They can stack these abilities if the card says it can. The card must be played if it doesn't say you can.

Overall, there are more but I want to say I can see this project coming together now and I do think we'll get this complete in time and to the standard we want it.

Character Designs for Adapa and the Food of Life Artwork

Like most of the pictures for character designs in my pieces, i'll be using this as a reference to my pictures at the end. Will most probably not look as detailed as these due to my pure increasing of boredom when developing art work as of late.

Really starting at this time to regret I chose this project. Eventhough I think i've learnt a lot, thinik i've decided on a different route.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Character Designs for the Gilgamesh Art Piece

Here are the character designs for the Giglamesh art piece. I should be using these as a base inspiration for my final pieces. These also show how im getting better in my digital art skills and how its becoming easier for me to draw different poses and anatomical bodies.