Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Percentages for Route Changers/ Horde Bringers & Item Random Re spawn

When taking into account the percentage of how these aspects are brought to the game. There are 2 main areas which need to be evaluated. Mainly done in the programming but as this is a mechanic, I need to show this to demonstrate how it works

So they are:

  • Survivors Health
  • Time 
  • Campaign Difficulty
These aspects will split into different categories on the document. I will perceive these aspects through percentages. This changes the game all the time as we don't want to make this too easy for players in the end. 
The percentages split up into:
  • Normal (Player's health in green & completing in sufficient time
  • Players in Orange Health
  • Players in Red Health
  • Players completing zone quicker then should be
  • Players completing the zone slower then they should be
  • Difficulty is Easy or Normal
  • Difficulty is Hard
  • Difficulty is Expert
In addition, all special infected can climb on walls in both AI and player mode.......

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