Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Final Final Sketch Up Model with inserted items

Finally completed full Sketch up model. From here I will take labelled screenshots which I will then bring together to make a full document showing the game in its process. I will show in the document

  • The level progression. The route(s).
  • Where individual items are
  • Start and Finish of the game
  • Alternate places player can visit
  • L4D specific: Random spawning of all the items. By taking in the health of the player, speed of player's progression & difficulty the player set, I will show the percentage of certain items spawning in situations
  • L4D specific: Horde Moments. Throughout the game there will be hordes. Either set off by the player on consciously or subconsciously. Impeding the survivors if need to
  • L4D specific|: Route changers in game. Through colour co-ordination. Small and Big
  • Emotion of the players at the time. Logical decisions. 
Colour Key: (I tired to make a colour per item/ environment/ thing)

  • Brick Brown Houses: Enter able Houses
  • Black Blocks: Non-Enter able Houses
  • Blue / Dark Blue Houses: Route changing environment objects
  • Grey Blocks: Cars (player has to walk around)
  • Light Green: Walk able grass patch
  • Dark Green: Non-walk able grass patch
  • Orange: Blockades of some sort, blocking the path either completely from that part of level or to take a different route.
Blockades differentiate from route changers as the route changers are all ways to get one place, as the blockade will generally make it so the player has one or maybe 2 ways to go round this.

  • Large Gold Blocks : Tier 1- Tier 2 Weapons
  • Small Gold Blocks : Secondary Pistols
  • LightPink Blocks: Melee Weapons
  • Red/ Dark Red : Med-Boxes/ Med-Kits/ De-fibs
  • Dark Pink : Adrenaline & Pain Pills
  • Light Green : Grenades
  • Purple : Ammo load
  • Light Blue Platform: Random Re Spawn Mechanic 
Due to it being first level, no ammo effecting boxes or explosive items will be in it. 

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