Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Adapa and the Food of Life Myth - Generation of Ideas

A generation of idea son how I could create some digital art based on this myth. My ideas are:

· The God of Wisdom, Ea, grants intelligence and knowledge to man during creation, even though she knows a being called Adapa is already wise themselves

· Adapa while fishing in a boat on the Persian Gulf is capsized due to a strong southern wind. Due to his anger, he breaks the "Wing of the Southern Wind" so the wind doesn't blow for 7 consecutive days. (Storyboard based picture)

· After being summoned by the Sky God, Anu for breaking the wing. Ea consults Adapa on the meeting with him telling him to not do things while in actual fact, she is deceiving him

· At the meeting, Adapa, Ea follows her advice and rejects the food of life which would grant him immortality as he believes it'll kill him. He goes to live as a mortal back on Earth

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