Sunday, 28 October 2012

Essay Project Plan

DD2000 Contemporary Design Essay Plan
Liam Roberts

      Essay Title:
      Sustainable Design's effect on the World's Graphics
      Essay Question:
       How is sustainable design and the principles behind it affecting graphics and products across the world?
     Why this question & essay:
  ·    Interested in how global warming is affecting all visual and computerized mediums.
·       To know what actions are being undertook to combat global warming through design.
 ·     To understand how different mediums are using the actions undertook to make their products less globally damaging.
 ·        Interest in Digital Mediums and how they affect and get effected by global warming.
 ·        Experience in Digital mediums including Video, Web Design and Graphic Design.
 ·        Broad spectrum of information that can be fleshed out for graphics over the internet and books
      Topic areas to research:
    In the Sustainable Design Area I will look at:
 ·         Sustainable Design, what is it
 ·         Principles behind the design theory
 ·         Mediums its effected and how
·       How does it differentiate from normal design principles
 ·        Advantages and Disadvantages
 ·         How it came about
·         Past, present and future of the concept
    In the Graphic Design Area I will look at:
·         What graphic design is
 ·        What it does

  •     Other mediums it effects
·        How graphic design is normally created
·         Effects on society. Good & Bad
·         Effect of sustainable design on Graphic Design
·         What sustainable design is doing to the medium, has done and will do.
Research Key Areas :

·         Sustainable Design's affect on Graphic Design
·         Sustainable Design's affect on Society
·         Sustainable Design's affect on Global Warming
·         Sustainable Design's affect on other mediums such as architecture and agriculture
·         Sustainable Design's advantages and disadvantages as a whole
Research Materials :
·        Books/ Magazines
·         Images
·         Internet

Week No'
Topic Title
31/10/2012 - 06/11/2012
- Essay Project Plan Hand in (printed)
- Gather research materials such as books, images and internet URLs
- Create a base draft for the essay
07/11/2012 - 13/11/2012
- Hand in for 1st Draft
- Develop the essay further after 1st draft
14/11/2012 - 20/11/2012
- Sustainable Design mediums and comparison to Normal Design on blog
- Sustainable Design in Graphic Design Research on blog
- Continue with essay draft (adding the more in-depth research)
21/11/2012 - 27/11/2012
- Graphic Design, what it affects on blog
- Graphic Design in Visual Mediums on blog
- Graphic Design & Sustainable Design Connection on blog
- Continue with essay draft (adding the more in-depth research)
28/11/2012 - 04/12/2012
- Hand in for 2nd Draft
- Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphic Design on blog
- Advantages and Disadvantages of Sustainable Design on blog
05/12/2012 - 11/12/2012
- Focus on Essay Plan utilising both the information needed in the drafts &
more in-depth research created.
12/12/2012 - 14/12/2012
- Final Hand in of Essay Project Plan

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