Thursday, 25 October 2012

Final Plinth Model

Im incredibly pleased with the outcome of this model. Using quite an intricate design which I used from scratch, I developed a personal 3D model which has my own touch through the textures. The wood also works well and gives it an old feel..

Three problems occurred and that's with certain polys and textures:
1 - 1 face seems to be cut in half even though i didn't do that. Check with Ken
2 - The tube doesn't seem to be textured the way I did. Not to bothered as its hardly see able.
3 - On the extruded in face, the 2 up and down polys seem to be badly textured. Again ask Ken to see what to do with this and the rest of them.

Overall though , im very happy with the final product of this and if I put some more time into it, I could of made it even better I think.

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