Sunday, 14 April 2013

Level Designer Responsibilities and Requirements

Level Designer Responsibilities

• Work with our design tools to build encounters and narrative scenes. 
• Coordinate with artists and programmers to create levels that are second to none in the industry.
• Analyze and critique game designs and levels. 
• Work with the team to form a “vision” of your levels and use that vision to inform your design decisions.
• Communicating that vision clearly and concisely to the rest of the team 
• Provide a receptive ear so that other team members can provide input on the game design.
• Respond to critical feedback from Leads and Directors in a timely fashion. 
• Help us push our development tools further by identifying issues and presenting ideas for solutions.
• Seek out all available information on your area of responsibility (reference films, books, etc.) and be able to respond to spontaneous inquiries on the matter. 
• Critique all aspects of the game and offer suggestions on how to improve them.
• Be familiar with the current state of game design across a wide range of genres on both PC and console. 
• Constantly look for opportunities to improve and expand your skillset. 
• Become an expert in our toolset.
• Seize opportunities to assist others and help elevate the project.

General Requirements:


• Minimum of 1-2 shipped AAA game titles.
• 3+ years of experience creating first-person levels using Unreal, Quake, Half-Life or similar technologies for commercial titles (this must be demonstrated through actual levels created for these engines).
• Interest in and understanding of architecture, lighting, texturing and other elements that are required to create aesthetically pleasing 3D levels.
• Familiar with company's games and other products and be able to speak critically about them.
• Understanding of contemporary 3D first-person engine technologies and editing tools.
• Understanding of and desire to create first-person shooter gameplay.
• High degree of creativity, enthusiasm and passion.
• Ability to use basic programming or scripting tools.
• Ability to work and contribute effectively in a team environment.
• Ability to meet deadlines.
• Good communication skills.

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