Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Adapa and the food of life

Heres my third piece. There would be more development pieces but I've overlapped stage 2 so I cant retrieve that back as an image. With this one, I noticed the peek in my work that always seems to happen which im hoping to attack get rid of in my next year, for my honours project. Eventhough this is so, this piece didnt come out to bad. Looking more at semi-realistic, this strongly came out this wayand has a lot of shading heading that direction.

I like the effect that this image is trying to convey. That the guy at the top of the picture is angry with the guy at the bottom of the screen, looking like a court scene. The colours and style work well for that. But im sloppy in this piece. Theres no technical skill to it at all and thats generally depressing. Im hoping that in my next piece, it doesnt keep going down hill.

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