Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fail on my behalf

Starting this piece, I had the idea of creating a charcater launching his bird in the air to convey the storyline of the main character using the bird to see if the water he decreased to the floor. The image wasnt working well in perspective, wasnt working in image, wasnt working in stroyline. Overall, I didnt have anough time and ran out of it pretty quickly.

Shouldn't off, but I gave up on this piece which will bring me down in my grade area but the story wouldn't come out on paper whatever I did. Due to illness before hand (which isnt an excuse ino) and other subject I was left to do this piece in the 2 days before hand in and it wouldnt be created. So instead of creating an ineffective piece, I decided to concentrate on my book so I can show how i've developed, which was the focus for me personally in this project.

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