Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Final Ideas For Mesopotamian Myth Art Work

The Creation:

- As its based around the creation of humans, I wanted to develop the art piece around that. In the story, the humans are created by clay from the god Enki. So in the picture im hoping to create the character Enki, in an artist room modelling humans from clay. Things to do:
  • Enki Character Design
  • Design of human from clay
  • Inside Environment with religious theme
  • Magical occurances to represent the god creating life itself
ET: 2 Weeks

Ishtar and the Descendant into the Underworld:

- The God Ishtar, leaves to go to the Underworld and demands to be let in. There are 7 gates in which she must pass. Each time losing a piece of clothing. In this picture, I want to show this. So at each gate a piece of her clothing will be lost and then at the end, she is enraged and lunges for the Goddess of the Underworld. Things to do:
  • Character Design for Ishtar
  • Character Design for Erishkegal (Goddess of Underworld)
  • Environment art for Underworld Gates
  • Individual clothing elements
ET: 2 Weeks

Adapa and the Food of Life:

- After Adapa (the first mortal with wisdom) has been chucked over board from winds he thought caused by the god he breaks a wing which controls the air and wind itself. The God Anu is enraged and sends for Adapa. Adapa stands in courst against Anu and other gods.I was contemplating on making this like a court scene. Things to do:
  • Character Design for Adapa
  • Chracter Design for Anu
  • Environmental art for the court scene
  • Clouds theme
ET: 2 Weeks

Amaru Flood:

- In the Amaru Flood, Utnapishtim was told by a god that the flood was occurring. Similar to the Noah's Ark Story from the bible, he built a boat for him and his family to survive the flood along with animals. At the end of the story, the gods granted him and his family immortalism. In the art, I hope to show when Utnapishtim sent out birds to know when the flood had ended and he could land. Things to do:
  • Character Design for Utnapishtim
  • Character Designs for his family
  • Animal Designs
  • Boat Design and Flood Scene
ET: 3 Weeks


- In the story of Gilgamesh, he was a king and he was very tyranical against his people. A man created by the gods called Enkidu was meant to challenge and destroy his tyrnaical reign. When they did fight, Enkidu loses and they become best friends. When going into the jungle, they here of a beast called Humbaba. They fight him and cut off his head. This will be the art piece.
  • Character Design of Gilgamesh
  • Character Design of Enkidu
  • Design of the beast, Humbaba
  • Holding the head of the beast after being beheaded
ET: 2 Weeks

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