Thursday, 10 January 2013

Game Idea Summary LDD

Level Design (UDK)

Game Title:
Players: 1-4
Genre: Racing
Theme: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Description: The game is an action packed futuristic kart based racing game. Racing against 3 opponents, players must reach the end of the game first to win the race, battling opponents along the way, using two different components. There will first be items boxes scattered around the track in which players can use to attack, defend and boost against opponents. The other factor is the environment. By going over certain elements in the track, players can activate environmental hazards which can distract and be used against opponents in the race. There are some hazards which automatically happen so there are some players can’t control.
Level Design:

Black and White Checker Board = Start and Finish of Race
Green Boxes = Item Pick-Up Boxes
Orange Circles = Non Interactive Environmental Hazards
Red Objects = Interactive Environmental Hazards

There are 5 Zones in the race course which will have an identifying feature when going through. This makes the course recognizable and for a player, can find out how far or close they are to the finish. There’ll also be hazards specific to that part for the environment so the player will need to watch out for the environment suddenly working against them.  Each individual zone will be a checkpoint and if eliminated by the checkpoint, the vehicle will be taken back to the last checkpoint they passed. Some of the hazards will only appear once, some will reappear after a certain time and some will be usable multiple times to use against opponents to win the race. 

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