Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rules of the Card Game: War

There are 3 different levels of rules to every general game and as a group we needed to deconstruct the game, War. War in current day is prominently known as Top Trumps. While in Top Trumps, the player with the highest card after an unfold is the winner of the round and then the winner of the game is the person who gets all the card in the deck first.

Operational Rules

  • The Winner of the game is the first player to reach the end of the game with all cards from the deck in their hand.
  • The cards are spread out evenly in a direction decided by all players
  • Players must play a card each round
  • The player with highest card ascending from the number 2 card to the A card wins the round. Takes both the cards and put them on to the bottom his/her stack.
  • If players have the same number on their card, this initiates a war scenario. At this stage, players must reveal their next card and the one with the highest card wins the round. This rule continues on even if the next cards are again the same.
  • (OPTIONAL Operational Rule) Players can in some games after having only one card left, place this card over. He uses this card until the opposing player gets higher then it. If the opponent keeps getting lower, them cards are given to the player. If not, then the opponent wins the game
Constitutive Rules
  • The Ace is the highest card and beats any other card in the game
  • From Ace, it descends downwards to the lowest card of the game, 2. 
  • In War, the 2 cards are placed in a pile in the middle until the player with the highest card wins.
Implicit Rules
  • No stealing cards from the other players deck
  • Using another card in your deck that's not the top card and placing that card instead of the top one.
  • Look at your cards.
  • Knock other players cards out of hands, shuffling them up.
  • Taking an elongated amount of time on the card placement

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