Friday, 14 December 2012

Mapping for both Models

Mapping Styles for both the Mulefa and Ashley Wood Robot. For the texturing, the Ashley Wood Robot I was impressed with and I think it looks well developed and works well together as I did take into account the final colouring and seem edges. When it comes to the mulefa texture sheet, I did rush but I did find it complicated to place the eyes due to the UV setup. When it comes to coming back to this, I will develop the UV setup more and the overall texture sheet and make that better.

The ambient occlusion maps im generally impressed with and I used them, mainly in the mulefa, when creating my texture sheets. Not as much in the final texture for the robot due to the fact there was a multitude of colours I use, but I still used it as reference.

The normal map for the robot, I used quite a unique techniue which Ken taught me in class. Using a plane for the cage instead of the actual robot and then adjusting it in photoshop, really helped speed up this process. The transofmr kind of wrecked it in the final normal map, so the final hand in, ill make this inital part better.

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