Friday, 14 December 2012

Final Digital Turnarounds

Overall, the final product of everything,. I do think that the turnaround on the robot needs editing due to transforming but the overall model is probably my best model yet. I like my texturing eventhough I probably need to go back in to the UVs and edit to make some parts a bit clearer. I also need to create a pose for the final hand in but due to my amount of time, I couldnt do this essential part. Very happy with the robot though.

The mulefa, i'm actually pretty happy with the model itself. I do need to change some vertexes because there is some random shadow occurences, but apart from that, I was happy.The texturing lets itself down a bit buut I didnt really know how to design this part. I'll go back to the mulefa for the final hand in, edit the UVs and then re-do the whole texture. I had a problem with lighting so this was where my problem happened.

Overall though, at where were at with the project right now, happy with what im handing in right now.

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