Sunday, 30 September 2012

Generation of Ideas - Fantasy Fighter

My first concept for an idea on my personal project was to develop a fantasy based fighter around a mythological theme. So I first looked at the obvious types:

  • ·         Greek Mythology
  • ·         Zodiac (different types)
  • ·         Roman Legends
With the idea of being a Character Developer and looking at all the appropriate fields such as art and story, I was going to develop a hand book with all characters explained and informed in, different pictorial evidence of them from perspective shots, turnarounds, emotion etc, back story with links to other characters, clothes design and weapon design.

Using the Zodiac as my final idea for the basis of this project, I was going to base each character around a star sign and then an extra 4 around the elements, which 4 star signs are grouped into. Each characteristic of the character, the feel to them and overall look of hem would be made with the thought of zodiac in mind.

After talking with Mark and showing my project to him, he informed me that the area of fantasy I'm delving into is it a bit too easy and not setting myself up much of a challenge. Also instead of developing with final pieces of character design, due to my need of improvement in traditional & digital art, we thought of making:

  • ·         Book containing my progress through the year of tests I've done with art styles and how I've developed them myself
  • ·         5 (or more) final pieces which demonstrate my skills I've learnt over the year and  showing them in some perfectly finished pieces.
With this in mind, as I still wanted to do something with the fantasy theme in mind, instead of starting from scratch and basing my whole idea of imagination, by suggestion, I was to look into more obscure religions, myths and legends and demonstrate a theme of work through this. Some ideas:

  • ·         Mesopotamian
  • ·         Charity of the Gods
  • ·         Hyperborean
From here, I'm going to research these and find any other obscure myths and legends and develop a project which could use both story and art together to build up my confidence in these areas of game design. Creatures, important people & references, plants and objects, using references from these areas to develop my own interpretations of the being and also any back-story if relevant to the being.

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