Thursday, 27 September 2012

3D Skip 1st Project

For the first day back into modelling, we re-capped our first year at this time and created a skip. The only difference this time being that there were to be textures added as well, painted on.

I was pleasantly surprised myself that even though I was still rough around edges and needed assistance, I found the task not very hard and could understand the steps Ken was teaching me and that I was doing.

Showing my my skip:

Half impressed. While I think that the skip model isn't too bad, I appreciate the fact that I could do more to make it more crisp. But as this was design to be low-poly, I think this is appropriate.

When it comes to the texturing, as this was the first time, even after last year's project, of hand painting textures, i found it pretty easy to pick up and start. I do think I could of done it better but from this simple model, i've learnt 3 things which I will take into account the next time I paint textures.
  1. When creating the UV map, really take into account the size of what each individual part is
  2.  Always count the green lines that appear in Photoshop as part of the specific piece
  3. For more realism, each individual part could be developed instead of overlapping the sections like I did
Overall, I think i've learnt quite a bit of the basics for the texturing process of model creation. From this i've learnt certain key areas which i'll pay attention to on the next model, when I create and then texture by digital painting.

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