Wednesday, 26 September 2012

PDP3 - Skills/ Weaknesses/ Improvement Areas


- Knowledge of Genres (read variety of books)

- Story Development (characters and overall subject)

- Medium Traditional Drawing Skill and anatomical knowledge

- Software Understanding (Photoshop/Vegas)

- Individual and Team Based Worker

- Can follow direction


- Deeper understanding of digital art on Photoshop

- More extensive knowledge on art styles, drawing techniques and anatomy

- Be able to use a 3D Software for different areas in Games

- Knowledge of a Level Design Software

- Refine my verbal and written communicative skills

- Confidence. (More assertive and stepping up to roles)

Area Improvements:

- Knowledge of specific areas in Digital Rendering and perfecting my own artistic style. Developing my own style shall serve as a basis to develop and learn other contemporary styles used in the industry.

- Strongly confident on my traditional and digital drawing skills in different styles. While i've been working on my traditional art skills, I want to bring them into a digital format and perfect them both to industry standard.

- Be able to use to a semi-professional standard apiece of 3D software. With not very much knowledge in this particular field, i'd like to develop my understanding of 3D creation.

- Be majorly confident in my anatomical knowledge and be able to place it to paper. Anatomy always being an issue, depending on the style, i want to try and understand anatomy much more and how I can transfer that to paper.

- Refinement of my verbal skills for presentations and written skills for written coursework. Clearer voice, better body language, proof reading and more intelligent words boosting up these skill areas.

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