Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bad Design Work

Product Name: Wild Fire Poster Design

Developer(s): Curtis Elam

This particular poster design I decided was an example of bad design as in my personal opinion, it misses some of the vital areas in its design to create the visuals needed to attract the intended audience. It hits the important basics but doesn't extend further than that to make it individual and more unique.

The main factors and elements that I will explain further in detail are what I thought really needed improvement as they don't blend well together on the piece to make the poster suits its advertisement purpose.

Firstly, the font and the font colour used for the poster really doesn't suit the purpose intended. Especially the colour. The colour doesn't have great contrast from the rest of the picture so the eye isn't brought to that certain element of the poster. Using the same tone and spectrum of colours; eventhough I think sticking to a selection of colours is correct as it doesn't make images ugly if a wide variety are used, using the same shade for foreground and  background can make them blend into each other. When the piece is there to stand out and catch attention, having the element like this really doesn't fit with its original purpose of advertising itself.

Secondly, the use of filters for both of the images used to make the picture blend don't work. Adapting the image so it looks like the trees are shooting up towards the blacked out soldiers. Using fire based colours to suit theme of the documentary, the use of yellow has been over-used and make the photo blending look hazy and not pretty to look at. Adding the filters, the colour contrast from black to yellow is too much and while, when advertising you want to catch the viewer's eye, sometimes being too bold can really make people turn their attention away from the poster.

Finally, to improve the composed poster, I would say adding more imagery or blending the pictures more effectively with each other could give it more of an sufficient design. The pictures don't have an interesting design to it as there just stacked on top of each other with filters and adjustments making the contrast between them less obvious. Adding more related imagery and more blending filters to make it more interesting and attractive to the eye. Overall, adding more design elements to the picture and blending the imagery or adding more imagery could overall change the effectiveness of the piece.

To conclude, overall the design aspects of the poster really don't complement each other well and overall ruins the effectiveness of its design purpose and doesn't amplify the effect it's been created for. By adjusting colour contrasts and using the images more effectively, the overall design of the poster would be more suited for the purpose its intended for. Using really ineffective filters that doesn't blend the imagery well making the composition ineffective for the use it's been created for. By adapting the changes that I've mentioned, I think the design of the piece would be more suited to it's intention.

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