Monday, 24 September 2012

Good Design Work

Product Name: The Hunger Games Poster

Developer(s): Ignition

This poster which was designed for the recent release of multi-billion pound film, "The Hunger Games". The hunger Games was based on the first of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. As the film was already set to have strong fan base due to fans who have read the books, the film was well liked by both the readers and the non-readers of the series.

I personally do think that this poster is a good example of design as it really catches someone's attention due to various factors. From the colour, to important information, to design and overall concept, the poster has been intricately created to persuade people across the world to watch the film on various media displays.

Firstly, the colour choices made for the poster are elements which catches a person's attention when viewing the poster. With fire being a main aspect of The Hunger Games as the main character was meant to be "The Girl on fire". Using reds, oranges, yellows, browns, silvers and blacks, the poster contrast well against every element making it visually gorgeous and due to that reason, it is a good piece of design as it advertises it's product well to the audience intended.

Secondly, the information displayed on the poser is sufficient for what must be displayed on this area of advertisement. Being a poser and not many people will stop and stare at it for more than 10 to 15 seconds, by providing the viewer with the film title, day of release, a catchy slogan and name of director/producer, it can really seduce a viewer to watch it. This pacific poster in my perspective has done this well as you can see the writing in bold letters; telling a viewer the important information without having to focus on the picture for too long.

Finally, how the poster is designed and how the message is conveyed through it is vital. If designed incorrectly,  the attractiveness of the poser can reduce significantly,  giving the audience no reason to go see the film. By creating a good layout, creation of rich imagery and a well accustomed font type and shape, a company can show the audience they intend to attract their product. In this particular model, I do think that the placement of the release date below the important names was a bad layout decision but the other elements complement each other well in there positions on the poster. Using the slogan at the top makes you want to read the page down for much longer as a viewer becomes interested on what the slogan represents in this film.

Overall, apart from the use of element in the overall layout, I do think that the design of this poster was done effectively and serves the purpose it was intended for. Through the 3 factors that I've talked about, all the individual elements and certain characteristics of them fit together on the piece of graphic design advertising the film effectively on paper.

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