Thursday, 21 February 2013

Idea Dev Week Onwards

Developing the ideas we created last week, we started thinking outside the box and trying to develop concepts which work well coherently. After the play through we all came back with ideas, my own being:

-Some type of settings and different achievements for questions when players answer them. Instead of just having multiple choice, we make the questions be something similar to Cranium. Where for different questions, the player will answer in different forms and manners.

-Having more abilities and setting restrictions for the abilities. Some of the abilities lacked and even though I didn't create any, I suggested we make some different ones. Then I posed the restriction of even though being able to stack cards in their hand (making it available to have cards which you can use on a prolonged game), players can only stack 2 in their hand and can't play more than 1 in a hand.

We also decided we wanted to make the game more interesting so we started adding descriptions to the questions so players can read up on specific records set and find some comedy and interest in them.

Next to do

-Design the Board in basic form
-Compiling the rule book together
-Developing the questions further and abilities to be refined.

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