Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Next Discussion

Getting to the final few weeks, we really needed to start summing everything up and piece things together to make fully functioning board game based on the Space Jump.

Deciding on some final rules for the game, we developed ideas which we had previously talked about and  brought them together to make the game work as a whole.

Some Final Rules:

-The questions will just be multiple question but on some of the cards, players will have to follow either a punishment or reward which changes the game throughout. Answering questions sometimes can end with a small penalty.

-The tower is 12 blocks down and players must work through the tower before reaching the board. When hitting the board, they follow the same rules as on the tower and advance first to the space station.

-Players gain abilities after they have answered questions consecutively. They can stack these abilities if the card says it can. The card must be played if it doesn't say you can.

Overall, there are more but I want to say I can see this project coming together now and I do think we'll get this complete in time and to the standard we want it.

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