Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Elements complete, ready for hand in.

Finally completed the Rule Book and it contains all the elements our team has discussed.

After creating multiple drafts of the book with different border designs, I developed the final rule book ready for hand in. 7 pages showing all the content needed to follow the game.

This is the Border design for the game's rule book.

When it comes to each element of the project, including the team mates, I was generally happy throughout. I loved creating the concept and development work for the project and it's been interesting to work with different people and create quite an abstract concept. Using the Space Jump to actually create a 3D pieced board game which uses the guinness book of records, which is full of interesting facts to create a variety of questions.

Using all of our initiatives, we came up with a focused knowledge game which uses 3D tools and a  board to create an interactive 3D non-digital board game. There were some flaws to the project as we had a bit of laziness on some team members behalf and had some moments when it was hard to do because none of us would take the initiative and convey our feelings. But, after a few weeks, that changed, and nearly all of use became a team to create an effective board game for the space jump. 

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